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iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

NEWGalaga 30th Collection

Terminals:iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
(iOS4.0 and above on the iPhone 3GS, and any 3rd generation and above of the iPod touch)
Price:No specific device made for the game
①Galaga G 30th Edition (350 yen)
②Gaplus G 30th Edition (350 yen)
③Galaga ’88 G 30th Edition (450 yen)
④Galaga 30th Title Set (900 yen)
[Galaxian G 30th Edition] available for free!

The [Galaxian G 30th Edition] app is currently distributed free for your own personal use. The app also comes with the original, 30th anniversary commemorative Galaga movie. You may also make in-app purchases of [Galaga G 30th Edition], [Gaplus G 30th Edition], and [Galaga ’88 G 30th Edition].
The Galaga series reborn onto the iOS!
In addition to optimization of controls and graphics, new features were added to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

①Strengthen your spacefighter using “Galaga Points!”

Players gain “Galaga Points” as they play the game, and with them, players can purchase items which can be used to strengthen the spacefighter.

②New “Score Attack” mode!


In “Score Attack” mode, players are challenged with defeating enemies as quickly as possible within a limited time to gain the highest score possible. The score and ranking can be checked through the Game Center function, and the player score can be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.
* Not featured on [Galaxian G 30th Edition].

③Collect all Achievement Pins!


Clearing missions will grant you an Achievement Pin.
The pins comes in a variety of shapes and sizes! Challenge all the games available and collect all the Achievement Pins!
A must watch! The original, 30th anniversary commemorative movie!
The app comes with the original, 30th anniversary commemorative movie. The near 2 minute long movie will present to you the attack of the Galagas, a spacefighter caught in the enemy tractor beam, Dual Fighter mode scene, and other explosive scenes! A must see for Galaga fans!