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Galaga ‘91

  • Type : Home Console Game
  • Hardware : Game Gear
  • Release : 1991

The game is a port of Galaga ’88, which was made for the portable game console, Game Gear. The game features a unique combination of Galaga ’88 and original Galaga contents. Despite the hardware limitations on portable consoles then, the game kept the smooth controls and fun that the arcade cabinets provided.

How to Play (Controls)

Using the directional buttons, the player moves the spacefighter horizontally, and presses Button 1 to fire its cannon.
When in Dual Fighter mode, the player can press Button 2 to fire the spacefighter’s cannons.

Game System

The player uses the spacefighter’s cannon to defeat a myriad of enemy Galaga formations comprised of the usual Bosses, Guards, and Grunts, along with new Galaga enemies.
Similar to Galaga, the player can combine 2 spacefighters to enter Dual Fighter mode. Unlike Galaga ’88, the player could not further power-up Dual Fighter mode, but instead could equip a special cannon to the spacefighter.
The stage had a number of variations, such as static screen stages, scrolling stages, boss stages, the Challenging Stages (THAT’S GALACTIC DANCIN’), and more.
The game ends when the player loses all spacefighters, but they can be increased by reaching preset scores within the game.

Fun Facts

- The game is similar to Galaga ’88, and is named “Galaga ‘91” due to the game being released in the year 1991. Applying this reasoning, the U.S. release on the PC Engine was in the year 1990, so the U.S. version game was named “Galaga ’90.”