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Galaga League

What is the Galaga League?

Until now, the 4 part space-shooters of Galaxian (1979), Galaga (1981), Gaplus (1984), and Galaga’ 88 (1987) didn’t have any official name assigned to the series as a whole despite the worldwide popularity and innovative designs showcased in each of the games.

So, in light of this being Galaga’s 35th anniversary, and in order to make it known that these classic space-shooters hail from the same universe, we decided upon a name to represent these games as a whole...

『Galaga League』

We hope everyone will embrace the entire series, along with the UGSF (United Galaxy Space Force) series where the game world is a part of, and look forward to seeing more finding enjoyment in what the series has to offer.

Galaga League Lore

In the latter part of the 23rd century, humankind calling themselves “Galaxians” come in contact with ETI (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), simply known as “aliens.”
Unlike the UIMS (Unknown Intellectual Mechanized Species) encountered early in the 23rd century, coming in contact with these highly intelligent lifeforms was an epoch for Galaxians, but in the worst way possible - in the form of an intergalactic war. The war prevented Galaxians from understanding the entirety of the aliens, so they were simply codenamed...
Alien (Galaxian)
Galaga (Galaga)
Gaplus (Gaplus)
Galaga (Galaga’ 88)

The codenames varied depending on the encounters, and lacked a sense of standard, but this was to be expected as these aliens lacked uniformity with their physical and behavioral aspects.
The “Aliens” bore insect-like features, and navigated spaceships in battle, the “Gaplus” were themselves giant space insects, and the “Galagas” bore differing forms and structures, sometimes appearing as giant cyborg space insects, and at other times appearing as an alliance of giant space insects.
Then in the year 2288, the pilot of the Blast Fighter, Commander Yeager of the UGSF (United Galaxy Space Force) finally discovers the truth behind the alien invasions after successfully returning from his mission at Planet Galaga.
He finds out that these alien lifeforms are originally of the same species, but as each evolved differently, they formed clans, and from there some came together in alliance to form “leagues.”
Since then, the UGSF ordained their cumulative existence to be called the “Galaga League.”