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  • Type : Arcade Game
  • Hardware : Namco Circuit Board
  • Release : 1979

A space shooter where the player becomes the pilot to the spacefighter, Galaxip, to face the enemy alien forces. The commemorative first game release among the series.

How to Play (Controls)

The player uses the control stick to move the Galaxip to the left and right, and presses the button to shoot beams. The beams can’t be fired in succession until the one shot before disappears from the screen, so precision is needed when shooting.

Game System

The player controls the Galaxip left and right while firing shots to defeat the aliens. The aliens appear on screen in a formation, and then flies down towards the Galaxip to attack. If the Galaxip is hit by an alien or by alien fire, the Galaxip explodes, and the player loses a life. When all the aliens on screen are defeated, the stage is cleared. When all player Galaxips are destroyed, the game ends.
There are 4 types of aliens, and each vary in strengths and patterns. The scores vary between the aliens, and more points were awarded when the player shot an alien while it’s swooping down.
Green Alien (CONVOY 30 pts, CHARGER 60 pts)
Violet Alien (CONVOY 40 pts, CHARGER 80 pts)
Red Alien (CONVOY 50 pts, CHARGER 100 pts)
Boss Alien (CONVOY 60 pts, CHARGER 150 to 800 pts)

The Boss Aliens (Galboss) are special aliens that act as leaders and only 2 are found in an enemy formation. The Boss Aliens are accompanied by Red Aliens making them difficult to defeat, but in turn, a player could get more points from them. When a Boss Alien is defeated, the enemies stop attacking momentarily, giving the player a chance to retaliate.

Fun Facts

- Namco’s (current, Bandai Namco Entertainment) first shooter video game.
- After years of research and development, the hardware (circuit board) for the game was created, bringing about visual qualities unlike any before.
- All the colorful characters, smooth movements, sound and background ambiance offered a new experience, and upon its release in game arcades, it became an instant hit.
- Galaxian became an inspirational pioneer to another benchmark title to come.