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Galaga Legions

  • Type : Home Console Game
  • Hardware : Xbox360
  • Release : 2008

A 2008 release, space shooter based off of Galaga with new and additional features. Using the latest in technology of the time, the title boasted a powered force of more than 40,000 Galaga (Legions) which players faced amid revamped, stunning visuals.

How to Play (Controls)

Using the left stick, players control the Blow Needle, while pressing the right trigger button to attack. Attacks were done automatically by default.
Players also used the right stick to position the satellites to face in 1 of 4 directions. Pressing the left trigger button called the satellites back to the Blow Needle so that it could be repositioned to the player’s liking.

Game System

Controlling the Blow Needle, the player faces the hoard of impeding Galaga forces. By positioning the Blow Needle’s sub-weapons called "satellites," players could use the wide playing field to set them in preparation for the enemy attack. These enemy Galaga’s flying route are shown prior to their arrival with blue lines, so this allowed strategic positioning of the satellites.
There are a total of 5 Areas and each Area is broken into 4 Levels. Level 1 to 3 proceeds based on time elapsed, and at Level 4 the boss appears. The game features 2 modes. “Adventure” mode where the game starts from Area 1, whereas “Championship” mode allows the player to challenge the Area of their choice.
Shooting at the uncommon “Capture Galaga” unit makes a Capture Hole, which captures enemy Galaga, that appear on screen. Galaga thus captured by the Capture Hole can then be used to increase the satellite's firepower.
Continuously shooting down enemies will increase the points gained, so it is important to defeat the enemies efficiently for those aiming for greater scores.

Fun Facts

- Aside from its appearance as an Xbox Live Arcade title, the game also appears in “Namco Museum Virtual Arcade,” and in 2011, the game makes a comes back with an upgrade as “Galaga Legions DX.” Among the lineage of Galaga games, none other have shown so many enemies and firepower on one screen, making this a true next generation for the line of Galaga games.
- The visuals weren’t the only improvement made to the game. Players who play the game can sense the development team’s passion with how they revived a masterpiece akin to the “Pac-Man Championship Edition” game. For example, the movements and game mechanics were inspired by the Challenging Stage from the first Galaga game.
- The game also gave players the option to select the graphic of the characters between the pixelated Galaga or Galaxian style visuals. In these ways, the game made sure it appealed to long-time fans of the series.