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Galaga Remix

  • Type : Home Console Game
  • Hardware : iPhone/iPod touch
  • Release : 2007

A remix and redesigning of the classic shooter masterpiece, Galaga, developed for the iPhone, iPod touch, and other mobiles. The characters have been updated, the sound and attack methods have been reinvented, and the beautiful screen and touch interface makes this a true next-generation Galaga.

How to Play (Controls)

The player controls the spacefighter horizontally, and uses its cannon to attack the Galaga forces.
The control method could be chosen between button (keypad) controls, slide controls, and accelerometer (tilt) controls.

Game System

Players fires the spacefighter's cannon against enemy Galaga formations as they unleash a variety of attacks. As the stage progresses, the stage sequentially shifts from Earth to Planet Galaga.
The stage begins with 1-1, and in 1-5 the boss appears. After defeating the boss, the player enters the Challenging Stage where they can try to gain bonus points.
Similar to Galaga, the player can rescue the captured spacefighter to combine for greater firepower. There are 9 different power-ups which are determined by the type of Galaga holding the captured spacefighter.
The game ends when the player loses all spacefighters, but they can be increased by reaching preset scores within the game.

Fun Facts

- The difficulty setting was adjustable, thus allowing an easier setting for newcomers to shooters to enjoy. As an option, the player could select the original Galaga game, so it offered the opportunity to enjoy the classic that started it all.